Why Rent From TRU LLC:

Diverse Locations
TRU LLC Properties are located diverse neighborhoods throughout Roanoke which are in close proximity to parks and greenways. TRULLC values outdoor living areas and every property features a porch with comfortable seating.
TRU LLC Properties are primarily all-inclusive homes. The majority of the rental units include all utilities plus internet and Netflix, laundry facilities at no extra cost, and furnishings. Some off-street parking is available.
TRU LLC strives to make TRU Properties as energy efficient as possible. Examples include well-insulated rental units, LED and solar lights, shared laundry facilities, use of solar panels, 4 of 5 buildings utilize high-efficiency hybrid water heaters, energy star appliances, composting system set up for all tenant use, all electric bills are paid through Arcadia thereby supporting the wind energy industry, and walking distance to services, entertainment and greenways. TRU LLC Properties feature solar panels; 27 on one property and 6 on another!
TRU LLC Properties provides ease and flexibility to tenants by charging low deposits and offering month to month leases with a 3 or 4 month minimum. For 1-3 Month stays, TRULLC properties can be found on Airbnb.
TRU LLC Properties encourages tenants to report issues and concerns with their homes promptly so that they can be resolved quickly. Most issues are resolved within days of being reported. TRU Properties continually improves the properties by making improvements on the structures and updating furnishings.
Community Oriented
TRU LLC Properties are located in welcoming and friendly communities. It promotes community mindedness among the tenants through shared porches, patios and laundry facilities. Tenants are encouraged to communicate amongst themselves to discuss shared living and resolve any issues.
TRU LLC Properties understand that pets enhance the lives of tenants. Pets are allowed on a case by case basis in TRULLC apartments that are not shared with other tenants. There is a monthly pet fee and non-refundable pet deposit.
Smoking Policy
There is no smoking of any kind permitted in any of the units. Tenants may choose to smoke in outside areas such as porches and patios as long as it does not negatively affect other tenants.



“I would without a doubt live in a TRU LLC rental again; the apartment was the perfect size for my 3-month stay and had all appliances one can need. Having a good quality washer and dryer in the apartment was also a big plus. The apartment is in a dense neighborhood, so having a driveway to park in is great. The apartment has tasteful decoration. The owner calls it the “comfy bungalow” and i totally agree. I reported two minor maintenance issues and they’ve been resolved within one or two days. Very quick response and emails and text messages were answered friendly and promptly.
 – Guenther, tenant in 2023

” I would most definitely live in a TRU LLC rental again if I could, the room was comfortable and whenever there were maintenance issues they were resolved immediately. The staff are easy to communicate with and anyone would be lucky to live at this location. Truda and Kara are very nice and easy to communicate with. I would have definitely stayed for a very long time. It’s in a perfect location and very quiet. Wish I could have stayed longer!”
 – Spencer, tenant in 2023

” I would live in a TRU LLC property again. The house was comfortable, I didn’t have any maintenance issues but it didn’t seem like it would be difficult to have one resolved if I did. Kara was always easy to communicate with and easy to get ahold of if I had a question.
Thank you,
– Nick, tenant in 2023

“Moving into my first TRULLC property was a blessing. I moved from New Orleans to Roanoke in early 2022 into a home that had all the essentials, like WiFi and kitchen supplies ready. Being able to move into a home that had pots, pans, and an air fryer easily accessible made my transition to Roanoke a lot easier.  I also appreciated the fact the roommates were professionals and respected each other’s space.
Moving into the second TRULLC property was an even better, fantastic experience. It’s a great neighborhood, people are friendly, and I have a space entirely to myself as if I live alone. I would encourage anyone who is looking for short/long term rental to lease with TRULLC.”
– Duke, tenant in 2022


“Truda and Joseph have been very helpful and attentive hosts. Their properties are very clean and well maintained. I started renting a room from them and then moved to one of their apartments to accommodate my son coming to stay until my contract was completed. They made it happen seamlessly. I would not hesitate to rent from them again.”
 – Scottie, tenant in 2020

“This place is astounding! Just a short walk from downtown Grandin Village and the Greenway trails! The place offers amenities such as: a fully stock kitchen, cable tv, endless amount of board games, and a little workout space. Outside you can find yourself relaxing in the hammocks in the backyard or enjoying the weather from the comfy seating on the front porch. The rooms have different themes; the Zen room makes me feel at peace especially after a long day of work. Each room has heavily drawn curtains for those of you who enjoy sleeping in, lots of closet space, and the most comfy mattress to fall asleep on. Finally, the owners are amazing and incredibly friendly folks! 10/10 would recommend if you’re newcomer to the Roanoke area.”
– Emily, tenant in 2020

“I have rented with Truda for a few months now, and have grown to love everything about her. Truda really goes the extra mile to please her tenants. She is on top of things and takes care of whatever is needed to make sure her tenants are safe and happy. Her maintenance staff does a good job repairing and maintaining the units. The care she provides to her tenant needs comes with a generous concern and she treats everyone with respect. I have never had such a sentimental caring and inviting landlord in my life before and I have lived in the City for a long time.

Truda was very helpful in showing me a great studio apartment for rent that was not even on the market yet! She helped me find the perfect place for me and my son. I can’t asked for a better person nor wonderful experience that what I have.

Truda was very helpful in my moving process and quick to answer any inquires that I had. “I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a place to rent and to call home.”

Truda has exceeded all my expectations for helping me find the right rental place for my needs by offering everything included and not easy to find these days because all of her rentals are very clean, beautiful and inviting. All I had to do is bring in clothes and everything else is provided. From the first day I met her, she was very knowledgeable, courteous, and caring.

I am looking forward to a wonderful future together as tenant and landlord. “I highly recommend using Truda for your renting/leasing needs.”
– Tonya, tenant in 2015