TRU LLC is locally owned by Truda, of Blacksburg, Virginia.  When in town, she lives in one of the TRU LLC properties.  Truda, by education and experience, has been a trainer, a mediator and manager of children and youth programs. Truda advertises the properties and utilizes a property management company, Point Management, to process applications, leases, payments, maintenance and other issues. Tenants are able to complete the Point Management application through the following link:

. TRU LLC properties are unique in that they are generally older properties, several being historical but have been retrofitted to be energy efficient with energy efficient appliances, windows, air conditioning and water heaters, LED lighting throughout and several properties are supported by solar panels. TRU LLC also utilizes Arcadia to pay the electric bills thereby further supporting renewables. Additionally, composting is available and encouraged at each unit. The owner makes property visits on her electric bicycle which is her only source of transportation for around Roanoke. Additional perks are that all tenants have access to free laundry facilities and three of the homes have full house water filters installed.